Most of the people I know do not know how to build websites. They want a website. So they go to Website Creation Tools, like Shopify or Wix. This can be very expensive. The cheapest option being Wix at $14/mo, but if you want to sell, you have to pay at least $23/mo. Look, I understand that hosting these programs are hard to make, but if I am starting a business I do not want to be paying that much to get started. This also doesn’t include domain name, unless you are talking about a subdomain.

I am thinking about creating one in which you start off as low as $3/mo to get your business online. I mean yeah, there will be more expensive plans depending on features, but, you get to at least start your business online without much hassle. No hidden fees, or stupid up sells. Domain names starting at $14/year with domain privacy, DNS, and email forwarding included!

I have a lot of work to do. I am first creating a billing tool first, along with a simple website builder. I am currently not close on a release as of yet. I will also be creating a wordpress migration tool. The website will be served statically, which means your website will be super fast.

So many great ideas in my head! I can’t wait to get this started!

In the mean time, why not try out a WordPress hosted website at!!