In a world where social media is used by everyone, it is hard not to use and be a part of it. I remember when MySpace was HUGE. If you are a content creator, it is a great way to build and connect with your audience. It does, however, have some drawbacks that I want to explain.

There are mean people who hide behind their accounts. They post and say mean things, which can hurt others. They must live a pretty bad life if this is what they do. We have had a name for them for a long time – trolls. There will always be trolls, but it can take a toll on good people.

For me, I am not really affected too much by it, which is great. So, I started growing my Twitter and now Threads account. I have over 700 followers on both platforms. I also started growing my YouTube channel and found a way to gain subscribers! Everything was looking good.

Then the trolls came. Talking about how ugly I am or finding many other ways to bring a person down. Thankfully, I wasn’t much affected by this. Once they started attacking my kids, this is when I have to stop. I am done with it. I cannot deal with that type of trolling.

With that being said, I may still post on YouTube, and I may even turn off comments so that trolls can’t have a voice. I am not going to post on Twitter or Threads for a while. One good thing is, I can start posting again on my blog here. This will be my new social media website. Plus, I own all of this, so I can limit and share as much as I want. Honestly, I think this is better anyway.


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