I have long considered moving this website to a new platform, but the sheer number of URLs and images would make the migration a daunting task. I have successfully migrated other websites in the past, but this one is simply too large a project for the time being.

WordPress has undergone significant improvements in recent years. These include the adoption of better object caching using Redis, full website caching, and the move to PHP 8.1, which provides significant performance and speed improvements. While I have not yet had the opportunity to examine the code base, I am confident that it is now of a higher quality than it was previously. WordPress has also raised its minimum PHP requirement from 5 to 7.4, which necessitated significant changes to the code base. I am pleased to see that WordPress is no longer supporting outdated versions of PHP and is taking the security of its users seriously by requiring them to upgrade.

The management of a WordPress website can be challenging, particularly if you are also responsible for the server. You must ensure that the server is configured for optimum performance. You must also ensure that all of your plugins and themes are up to date and free of security flaws. You will be constantly bombarded with bot attacks attempting to gain access. As a result, all of my other websites will not be hosted on WordPress, since static websites are simpler to manage.

I am considering changing my theme for this blog. The “Nice” theme has been around since 2014, and I would like to see about either developing my own theme or using a VueJS theme so that I can do more custom frontend work. I will keep you updated on my progress. In the meantime, have a great day!