Let me tell you right now, I have been so busy due to selling my house and all that comes with purchasing a new house and moving in. You really do not realize how much stuff you own until you move. Even my dad said how in the world did all the stuff fit in the last house. I upgraded homes. (Like upgrading a PC j/k) I went from a 1800sqft home to a 2400sqft home, yet everything from the old house didn’t fit into the new house! Went from owning .10 acres to .69 acres. Nice. All in all, a good move.

However, the most exciting thing is I am now a remote web/app developer. No longer do I need to drive into work. Which is awesome! I save so much money just on gas! Having to drive 1 hour one way to work, and with gas prices being over $4/gal, it would be very expensive. It’s about 50 miles away. Let’s say my car averages about 25 miles to the gallon. That would be $8 to get to work and $8 to get back home. Imagine if I was only making $8 an hour ?. Two of those hours would be just to drive to and from work. 25% of my income would just be gas! Thankfully I do not make $8/hr and I do not have to go into work. I am saving $16/day, $80/week, $320/month just in gas and car wear and tear.

I really want to get back into making more blog posts about technology here, but it has been hard to come up with stuff. This is why I have been mainly posting on my twitter page. Why not come on over and follow me there https://twitter.com/MrJoshuaPack

Hope you have a great year and maybe I will make another post before the end of the year, lol.