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I wanted to discuss today on some leaks for the iPhone 13. So far, we do not have a date on when we will see the launch of the next iPhones. However, we will probably see it in September, which is just a few weeks away! If you are an Apple fan and looking on upgrading your phone that is 5 years old, this will be a good upgrade for you.

The leaks show that we will be getting a 120Hz refresh rate on a LTPO display on both Pro models. This will improve battery life. If you are like me, and not always good with acronyms, LTPO stands for low-temperature Polycrystalline oxide. This LTPO screen allows for a display to dynamically change refresh rate without needing any more hardware components to sit between the device’s graphics processing unit and the display controller. This means much better battery life. We first saw these screens on the Note 20 Ultra and on all 3 galaxy S21 models.

We will also see an efficient 5G modem and upgrades to the cameras with a new portrait video mode.

Expect to see smaller notches on all 4 models. Also, it is possible we will have a portless iPhone, however, unlikely. But, an always on display may be seen, which will be a nice edition to the iPhone, especially with the new LTPO display.

An Apple analyst claims that this year we will see a normal release schedule, compared to last year where the release got delayed due to the virus. It’s possible that the release of the new iPhone 13’s will be the fourth Friday of September, which would be September 24th. Which means the launch event will probably happen the week before on the 17th.

Now let’s talk about pricing. It’ll probably be the same price at which the iPhone 12 launched. So $699, $799, $999, and $1,099. They will all be the same size as the iPhone 12s. So, we will see the mini again.

Now, is the new iPhone going to be called iPhone 13 at launch, or will we be seeing the 12 S this year?

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this podcast. Please like and subscribe and let me know your thoughts of the coming iPhone 13 phones. Will you be picking one up on release? Are you an Android user thinking about switching? Are you and iPhone user thinking about switching to Android? Let me know in the comments!

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