Now, I kindof said in my last post I would be giving a a run down on how to maintain your computer. However, I am extremely late in giving you that, so instead, I will push that back and just talk and rant today.

So I was looking at my website here and I want it to be better. I want to be able to keep track of all my stuff as well as have a public medium to express my passions. So, a few things crossed my mind which seemed to be pretty neat. I was thinking of giving everyone the ability to have an account and keep track of their stuff.

You would get your own URL and you could make things private or things public. There are some problems with this idea. First off I do not want to have to manage and make sure everyone is abiding by the rules. Secondly, it would take time to program all this, and I personally do not have the time.

So instead, I will be redesigning the website to a more cleaner look. Something that will give you the updates without all of it being too busy! Right now as I post, my website is very busy. Have any suggestions on how the design should look like? Let me know.

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