trojan-horses-viruses-worms_15 Everyone everywhere seems to be getting viruses. 3rd computer this week. Which is awesome for me, since I get paid for each one that comes in. So it’s not like im complaining or anything. 😛 So far I have had a 100% streak on getting viruses out and fixing computers. And so for I am keeping that.

I would like to educate you, the user, on how to avoid getting viruses and how to remove them. Today I will let you know how to avoid getting a virus. Tomorrow I will explain on how to get rid of them.

How to avoid a virus, or spyware from infecting your computer.

  • 1. Using Peer-2-Peer Programs such as kazaa and limewire to download music illegally. Just do not do it. First off it is illegal to download movies and music from the internet without paying for them. Go to for goodness sake to watch movies. Or go to for music.
  • 2. Looking at porn. People get viruses from looking at it. They embed Adware and Spyware to download into your computer so they can make money. Or steal information to make money. You think it is always free? nope, it isn’t. So think about the risks before looking at it. Or if you are into that stuff, use legitimate sites, which I am not sure if there is any, but I’m sure there is a playboy one or something.
  • 3. Do not open attachments in your emails. Unless your friend told you he is sending this attachment, I would not open it from a friend either. It is likely that he was infected and the virus is sending you that attachment in the email. Although this doesn’t happen often, it does happen. So be careful. Of course never open anything from someone you do not know.
  • 4. Websites, or popups saying you have a virus, you need to scan your computer. DO NOT SCAN. If you do, you will then allow them to install the virus into your computer.

Those are the four most common ways to get a virus. Of course, even if you have a mac there are viruses out there. Just not as many. No matter what operating system(You probably have windows :P) you have to make sure you have both a Virus Protector, a Firewall, and some sort of Spyware protection and immunization. I will explain more about that tomorrow. Until then, stay Virus free!!!