Not much of what I do here is very dynamic. What I mean about this, is that this is really just a simple blog. I do not post very often, maybe max, once a month. I have similar websites that do the same thing. Where posts are only done once a year sometimes.

I love WordPress, PageKit, and Ghost for blogs and websites. They make setting up a website really fast. Which is great. But they also use a lot more resources. Also, not optimized out of the box usually for mobile or slower internet connections.

Why change now?

Lately I have been diving deeper into different web languages. I feel websites like blogs and simple static websites benefit way more with a Static Site Generator then using a back-end language. If I was to build more of an application, similar to my RSS Feed Reader (Shark Reader), then a back-end language like PHP or Javascript (Nodejs) would be more appropriate.

I also want to build out Hightek Designs to run faster and basically create a project that I can sell. By switching all of my websites over, I have a use case into how to do it, and why it should be done. This could allow me to gain more traction in the hosting industry.

What will you use?

There are many Static Site Generators out there! Here are a list of ones I have found:

You can find many more here

With so many to choose from, I wanted one that could get me the closest to what I need and licensed to give me that freedom. This led me to GridSome, which I feel had many pros to it. Here are some features:

  • Connect to any CMS or data source
  • PWA Offline-first architecture
  • Get perfect page speed scores
  • Build future ready websites
  • Deploy into a CDN

When will this site transition over?

That will be difficult. This website has many things to it that I love, and I do not want to lose any of these aspects, so I will need to program a lot into it. I will first be tackling some of my smaller websites. I will do a follow up post of these website, that way, you can take a look.