Today was all about the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event.

TLDR; They launched 2 new galaxy watches using a new OS. Launched Z Fold 3 compatible with a SPen and the Z Flip 3. Also they launched the Galaxy Buds 2.

Now let’s go for the longer detailed version of the event.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

First showing off their 2 new watches, Galaxy Watch 4 Series. Samsung has been working with Google and have created a new OS called, Wear OS powered by Samsung. They are really showing off the health benefits of the watch.

  • Sleep Tracking – snoring and breathing behaviors
  • Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Body composition measurement with BIA Technology – (Seen on scales)
    • Amount of water stored in body
    • Body Fat
    • Muscle Mass
    • 98% accuracy, which is pretty awesome
  • Blood Pressure and ECG Monitoring
  • Team based competition with badges and points
  • Food tracking

LTE connectivity to allow you to have your phone without your phone along with GPS.

One UI Watch.

Starting at $249 and Classic version starting at $349 and available September.

Privacy and Security

Protecting your data and Samsung wants you to trust them and you have control over your data. Samsung Knox with End to end Encryption. Working with Google and Microsoft so you can have seamless experience between all devices.

All New Z Series Phones

2 new phones, which are iterations of their previous versions. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Z Fold 3

The Z Fold 3 weighs less than a cup of coffee. They have made the front screen much bigger and way more usable. Both screens with 120 refresh rate! Main display 7.6” screen for a tablet like experience. No more notch and no more punch hole when not using the front facing camera with under display camera.

They have optimized their apps to work with the Z Fold 3 to take advantage of all the space available on screen.

New favorite tasks bar, similar to on your Mac or Windows PC.

Multitasking like most tablets and phones we have seen from Samsung, they are touting a PC like experience with the Z Fold 3.

Water Resistance is pretty cool. IPX8 for both the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3.

S-Pen now available on the ZFold 3. A Special pen with a rubber end and spring to help prevent it from damaging the phone.

Z Flip 3

They touted the Z Flip 3 as a stylish and iconic phone with 4 different colors.

4 times larger cover screen so you can access some apps without opening up your phone.

Bixby detects everything on the device now, without going to a server making it so much faster!

You can take pictures with your galaxy watch! One of the reasons why I loved my Note 9 SPen. This is ingenious and was the only reason why I use my SPen with Bluetooth. Having this moved to the watch, is actually a really good idea! If the Z Flip has Spen support, this would be an awesome phone!

Just like the Watch they have One UI on their phones, but is called One UI 3, since this is version 3 of their One UI Software. Some people hate it, I personally love it.

Pricing for the Z Fold 3 starts at $1799 and Z Flip 3 starting at $999. Preorders starting today. You get Samsung Care+ for 1 year which includes accidental damage, wow.

Galaxy Buds 2

An upgraded Galaxy Buds. They come in 4 colors with the case matching that color. Active Noise Cancelling, with 5 hours of battery time with ANC on. The case will charge your buds 3 times for up to 20 hours with ANC on. Samsung says they have built technology that will make calls way clearer even in busy environments. Starting at $149.

That’s it for today, I don’t want to make this podcast any longer than it already is. I hope you enjoyed this podcast. Please like and subscribe, and let me know in the comments if you will be getting any of these new releases from Samsung! Have a good one, thanks bye.



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