Hightek Designs

So I was playing around with a new CMS called October. It really is amazing, and I feel like it is much faster than WordPress. I converted the Hightek Designs website over to it to see how well it could be in a real world production environment.

That being said, it does take longer to get up and running out of the box. You have to install plugins to make it work and not only that, it is still lacking in plugins. I feel like this is great for simple websites that are not blogs. And could even be made to work with anything. It is like a CMS framework. Speaking of frameworks, OctoberCMS is actually built on the Laravel framework.

I recommend trying it out if you have time. Maybe even help in its development. It could really a be a game changer. Now only if they would have built this on the Phalcon framework. Then it would not only be awesome it would be super fast!