As many of you may or may not know, I do a lot! Not only do I have a full time job, but I also maintain this blog! Although I may not update it all the time, I do have a post just about once a month.

The new design, is a lot cleaner, less cluttered and gives more information. I am still tweaking it, especially the social networking integration. You should be able to post using facebook still, and share through any social network you have.

Here is what I will be focusing on with Joshua Pack [DOT] Com:

Programming Section Will Contain:

  • jQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and anything else that I love to program about
  • Tutorials on some really cool stuff for your website

Movie Reviews Section Will Contain:

  • Latest movie reviews and spoilers
  • Older movie reviews for great movie night ideas
  • Movie Specials

Product Reviews Section Will Contain:

  • Reviews of the coolest Tech Toys
  • Video and hangouts
  • Software Reviews

I currently do not have Product Reviews up, but will soon.I also will be doing a website design part of the website. Until then, keep coming back and ask any question you desire.

I am looking for bloggers to post on the website. Let me know if you are interested!

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