As you may know, I have been wondering what to do to make money on this blog. Well, one way is to add ads. I am a huge proponent to ad blocking, so if you have an ad blocker, continue to block the ads! I actually do not mind, especially since, it does make the website look a lot nicer, haha. It would be cool though if you did buy me coffee sometime.

You can click this link here:

Coffee costs $10 here. (ok maybe not $10) Starbucks though is very expensive. I do want to know something though. What would you like more of on my website? I kind of just talk about stuff I do. But maybe you want more reviews. or maybe you want more pictures of pizza or cats. Well, whatever it is, leave it in the comments below.

I am thinking about becoming more active in my blogging, and maybe restructuring the websites urls and trying to get this website back on track. I want it to be a great place people where people can learn about new things!

Here is a pizza picture: