I will be outlining how to do computer maintenance on your Windows Machine. First thing to know is that, while computer maintenance helps keep your system running, it also helps speed it up. Your machine should not be infected in order to do a regular maintenance.

I will be splitting this up in multiple pieces than breaking it down in one post at the end.

First thing I want to share with you is defragmentation of your hard drive! While this is NOT the first thing you want to do, it is a good thing to get done on a monthly basis.

The best program that I know of out there is Defraggler. It is a great tool in taking fragmented files in putting them back together again 🙂

Make sure you have 15% of free space or more before attempting to defrag your computer.


PS. This is a very sloppy intro to computer maintenance, so hang in there for next weeks addition to computer maintenance.