I know what I want to do, however, what I want to do, I can not do.

This is where I seem to be at, at this moment in time. Although quarantine has essentially given me more time to do things, I have filled that time with other things. I want to write blogs about tech and other cool things I find interesting. I am not, however, a writer. I have thought about joining writing classes to become a better writer, which I may do.

Better Software

One of the reasons I have not been blogging is due to me wanting a better platform. I love WordPress, however, it requires constant updating, and really takes a lot of time out of my day. So, I decided I was going to port this over to a static site generator. But that takes time to rewrite everything into a new code base. I have not found the time. There really isn’t anything mature enough I can just drop in a replacement for.

I also want to build my own software for websites. I know, this takes a lot of time to do. Plus my full time job, I am writing software. To do it as a hobby along with a full time job is exhausting.

My beautiful wife and I

Marriage with Children

I am also married to my beautiful wife Telecia. She is the world to me, and we have out first child who is already over a year and a half old. I even built a website for us to blog on and tell our story. This didn’t really happen at all how I thought it would.

Having children is another time sucker. It is however, a great time sucker! My son is so cool. Way cooler than I ever was and truthfully can be. He loves everything I do too, which is awesome. It’s like he wants to be just like me when he grows up.

But when I am trying to write a blog, or write software, he wants to do it too, on my computer. This causes problems, since I am trying to get something done, and he wants to smack all over the keyboard.

Gaming and Technology

Gaming is a fun activity I like to do. I even had a Mixer account where I streamed my games. Now Mixer is dead and I have many many games I would like to enjoy. I do not play as much as I used to. But when I do, I feel guilty, since I am not working on writing or software in which I want to do as well.

I also love technology. Reading up on new tech and software is to me, very fun. I probably spend most of my free time doing this. There is just something about thinking about what I could do with these things that just makes me feel good. I do not however buy as much tech as I used to. granted, I maybe getting a new phone ?

What to do?

That brings me back to the question of “what should I do?” That is such a hard question to answer though. I think I just need to do things one step at a time. For now, I will not be focusing on the blog, or software, or gaming. I will be focusing on my family and work. If I finally find time to write a blog post, you will see it here first.