First off, thanks for visiting my little piece of the internet. Let us get to the topic at hand. I have been following phones for awhile, and always have a hard time deciding what phone to get. I decided to post what phones to consider.

Galaxy Note 10 Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is a great choice this year. It was released recently on August 7, 2019. It is a very solid phone and comes with great features. If you are a Samsung Note fan, you will probably want to get the Plus model.

Both models of the Note 10 have an IP68-rated water resistance. Both have the same process Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (some regions have the Exynos 9825) which is the top of the line processor for Android. The design is amazing for both models with almost no bezel and a small hole punch for the 10MP camera. I personally find is better than a notch.

They both have the thing that separates a the Note from all phones, which is the bluetooth enabled S pen. This is not just a gimmick piece of hardware as it is very useful for taking notes and using it to take wide selfies with the click of a button. Complete with the OneUI by Samsung which I use daily on my Note 9.

They switched over to an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, which from other reviews seems to be slower, but more secure option than other in-display fingerprint sensors. A not-so-good surprise is the lack of the head phone jack. Although most people no longer use it in America, because Apple got rid of it, it was a great addition to their phones and will be missed by people like me who still own a pair of QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones by Bose.

With that being said there are some differences. Check them out below:

Samsung Note 10Samsung Note 10+
Screen6.3-inch, 2280 x 10806.8-inch, 3040 x 1440
Size151 x 71.8 x 7.9mm162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9mm
HDR 10+YesYes
Storage Options256GB256/512GB
microSD SlotNoYes
Battery Size3500mAh4300mAh
Power ShareYesYes
Rear Camera12MP + 12MP + 16MP12MP + 12MP + 16MP + ToF
ColorsAura Glow, Aura Black,
Aura White
Aura Glow, Aura Black,
Aura White, Aura Blue
Starting Price$949.99 USD$1099.99 USD

As an android user, not having a microSD slot seems really bad. And coming from the Note 9, I would spend the extra $150 USD for the plus model. Plus better battery life, same size with bigger screen. If you are new to the note series, the regular Note 10 is still a great phone, and is under $1000. A lot of networks and even Samsung have deals on the phone, so that you can afford it even more.

Right now, you can even get it on amazon with free earbuds and wireless charging pad. Click below to check them out.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy S10 series is a great phone for those who want a head phone jack and a great camera. There are 3 modals in this series. The S10e, S10, and S10+. All three phones look amazing and the S10e doesn’t have that edged display. I actually like the look of that one the best personally. Something about the edge display seems too much for me, although when putting the phone down the edges lighting up is a nice feature.

All the Samsung Galaxy S10 models run on an 8 core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. (some regions have the Exynos 9825) From the reviews, the S10 models are a great Android phone with the OneUI. It keeps the head jack. (Thank you Samsung) But, looks to be the last flagship Samsung is making with it. sad face 🙁

The phone also comes in a 5G version, just like the Note 10, but I am not going to add them to this list, since in 2019, the amount of towers with 5G is very limited. Also, I don’t think they have it available in my area. So, not only can i not test it, I can’t even use it. Soon 5G will come standard on phones, and when that happens, there will be enough of the network to be worth it.

Samsung S10eSamsung S10Samsung S10+
Screen5.8-inch Full HD+6.1-inch Quad HD+6.4-inch Quad HD+
Size142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9mm149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8mm
HDR 10+YesYesYes
Storage Options128/256GB128/512GB128/512GB/1TB
microSD SlotYesYesYes
Battery Size3100mAh3400mAh4100mAh
Power ShareYesYesYes
Rear Camera12MP + 16MP12MP + 12MP + 16MP12MP + 12MP + 16MP
ColorsPrism White, Prism Black,
Prism Blue, Flamingo Pink
Prism White, Prism Black,
Prism Blue, Flamingo Pink
Ceramic White, Ceramic Black,
Prism White, Prism Black,
Prism Blue, Flamingo Pink
Starting Price$749.99 USD$899.99 USD$999.99 USD

With a starting price of $749 USD, you can get an amazing Samsung phone Flagship phone for a great price.

As with the Note series, amazon has them on sale right now with free galaxy buds and wireless power pad. Click below to check them out.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Apple iPhone 11 series just came out a few days ago and just went on pre-order today. But can it really compete with Samsung phones? Well, of course it can. This is why iPhones are super popular. They know the market, and are mainstream when it comes to smart phones. They even have a symbol status.

What’s great about the iPhone 11 series is that it starts at $699 USD. $50 cheaper than the Samsung models. This makes it one of the cheapest flagships available. Plus if you are already stuck with the Apple ecosystem, it is an amazing phone. The A13 Bionic processor is super fast! Faster than any phone on the market today. But, the phone lacks RAM and storage. All storage options start at 64GB. Yuck.

Also, you have to live with a notch. But like I said before, if you stuck in the Apple ecosystem, then this is the only option you have. If you have the iPhone 6 or less, I recommend upgrading to the new iPhone 11. Comes with great cameras too.

All come with wireless charging and IP68-rated water resistance.

There is still a lot of good stuff with this, but let’s get down to some specs.

iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro Max
Screen6.1-inch LCD 1792 x 8285.8-inch OLED 2436 x 11256.5-inch OLED 2688 x 1242
Size150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm144 x 71.4 x 8.1mm158 x 77.8 x 8.1mm
Storage Options64/128/256GB64/256/512GB64/256/512GB
microSD SlotNoNoNo
Battery Size3110mAh3190mAh3500mAh
Power ShareNoNoNo
Rear Camera12MP + 12MP12MP + 12MP + 12MP12MP + 12MP + 12MP
ColorsPurple, Yellow, Green,
Black, White, Red
Midnight Green, Silver,
Space Grey, Gold
Midnight Green, Silver,
Space Grey, Gold
Starting Price$699 USD$999 USD$1099 USD

It really is not a bad offering. They also dropped the prices for the iPhone XR and iPhone 8. They have made getting started with an iPhone a lot easier ! I might see about getting it as a secondary device. Who knows!

EDIT: These are not the only options available to you. I will cover more soon with an edit, but I want to get this posted today. So, stay tuned…

Featured Photo by Mark Chan on Unsplash