phillies_phailJon ask’s “Why Did Jarrid’s ‘Just Ask’ Series Phail?”

So I am reading that question there, and I stop at the last word, “phail.” I ask myself, what does phail mean? I did some research on the word. After minutes upon minutes of research I came to a conclusion on its meaning. Here is what I found out.

According to the Urban Dictionary ‘Phail’ can mean a few different things, but initially the same thing. “Happy Smile Face” writes this:

…… a way of expressing extreme and/or pitiful failure. Also, failing so badly that the person who failed does not deserve the correct spelling of ‘fail’ and therefore the ‘f’ is substituted with a ‘ph’.
“You fail….but it’s so pitiful that you ‘phail’ with a ‘ph’!” ……

After more investigation and research, I came across a person named “J0rd4n” with this to say about the word phail:

…… Phailm is commonly mispelled amongst the general population, and it should be noted it has a silent m at the end. It is part of the leet language, or 1337 language, it originated from the deepest darkest depths of the internet. Because it’s part of the 1337 vocabulary, it is a pointless mispelling and has stupid characters inserted, like the term pwned. Phailm is used to describe the idiocy of someone or the failure of a certain task.
Person 1: I just bought a new Dell computer!
Person 2: Phailm! ……

Not sure, which of those are true, but it was a good read. Anyway, I feel sorry for those with their last name McPhail.

So to answer your question Jon, It was because he didn’t continue doing it.

Keep those questions coming! I will try and answer them as soon as possible. If I miss your question from a previous comment, just comment on this one. You may not be picked, cause I’m so famous and all 😛