How have you been liking this new Post-A-Day project? Have you been able to keep up? Have you been able to read each post I post? Has it been boring? Has it been exciting? Have you told other people about Joshuapack.com? Are you a friend of mine? Have I invited you here? Are you my brother?

Well, it has been nine posts now, each and everyday. It is very hard to come up with something new each day, but there is a lot out there to talk about. I was wondering if there is anything you want to talk about. So do you have anything to talk about?

I thought the above comic was hilarious. Because for me, it almost may come a reality. A Post A Day may end up be about me posting junk, such as about my toothbrush, and slippers. . . Anyway, I’d like to thank blogcomics.net for this funny comic, cause it is soooo true!

I would like to thank Jarrid for posting 🙂 He is my brother, and he has a blog also. You can visit his blog at http://www.jarrid.net. If you post, and want me to mention you in a blog post of mine, just let me know 😛