I have been wanting to transfer the website as a static website, but doing so is hard. Here is why. WordPress allows for easy editing of posts. Has great stats. Great plugins and themes. It really has a lot. WordPress isn’t my favorite CMS, but it hits all the checkboxes. That being said, I do not want to keep using it.

Whats a SSG?

A SSG is a Static Site Generator. There are 2 types of websites that you can categorize it into, Static and Dynamic. A dynamic website is something like, WordPress, where it dynamically creates the page on the serve side, pulling in data from a database, then serves it to your browser as HTML. A static website is a bit different. It is built in HTML, so there is no processing on the server side to build it out before serving it to the browser, it just serves it.

Static websites brings many benefits such as a faster website, more secure, and less server resources, which means more users per second! A SSG is what generates these static websites. It allows you to build the website without having to create every page by hand.


Publii is a SSG that does just this. Most SSGs are more tailored to developers, which allows for great flexibility into the websites design and the data that can be imported. With Publii, it’s like having WordPress as a program on your computer, which you can create posts with. It is missing some things though, such as:

  • No Pages
  • Limited Free Themes
  • No Addons/Plugins
  • No easy theme editor

With these limitations, it is easy to see that Publii will not always be the best fit for you. On the flip side, here are some things it does well:

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Block editor
  • Posts
  • SEO – Pretty URLS, Sitemaps, etc..
  • Built in Disqus Commenting
  • Authors – Also allowing multiple computers to create posts
  • Open Graph
  • AMP
  • GDPR
  • RSS and JSON Feeds
  • Tagging
  • Menu Customizations
  • Many server configurations for free!

If you need a simple blog, it does that very well. Take a look at a sample website at punicastudios.com. I built Punica Studios with Publii. Pretty neat, huh? Professional looking! Secure! Fast! Simple!

To get started, go to https://getpublii.com/ and download and create your website. If you need help deploying it, let me know! I will be glad to help you out. There are many free options!