I have a blog, right. Well, I was making posts and all was great. It started out as a more personal blog or diary, and now it is more of a technology and other interests that I feel like sharing to the world. However, due to social media, nobody visits my blog any more. ? Sad I know.

I then started a forum. This forum was to write smaller things to share with people who follow me. Well guess what, nobody follows me. So, if no one follows you, you don’t get any comments. I still have the forum up, which I might keep up for awhile, before shutting it down.

Now, I just released a wiki. This wiki is more of just me writing down information for me to reference later. This is not really for anyone. I seem to love to do research on things, and this will help keep everything in one place of things I learn. It will also have references to other websites, but I will quote the information that I feel is most important.

To visit the new wiki, go here: https://wiki.joshuapack.com/

~ Joshua