no-spam Recently, there has been a lot of spam. Now, this spam has not been made public, because well, they never ended up posting. You may be wondering why I am making a post about this. Well I had 2 people sign up last week at this site.

I thought, COOL, people are signing up. But then, I looked up their email address on a spam database and they are known spammers. So not cool.

WordPress needs a way to block spammers from signing up. The only thing I allow sign ups are for posting, without having to enter in the spam thing. But since the spammers will be signing up, I may as well take away the sign up. I know everyone doesn’t sign up, which is ok, since I allow you to make the choice.

I just wanted to complain about the way wordpress is working right now. Their next update should include a spam protection for the registry. That is what I think.

So any questions out there for the Ask Joshua Series?


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