Coming October 19th we will finally see the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as the new Nexus Prime. According to Engadget, their sources tell them this:

“This week’s CTIA festivities aren’t the same since Samsung and Google decided to postpone their new product announcement that was originally scheduled for today, but now we’re hearing the Ice Cream Sandwich / Nexus party has already been rescheduled. An inside source tells us the two have moved their plans for the Unpacked event to October 19th in Hong Kong (interested US residents should clear out the evening of Tuesday the 18th, time zones), timed to coincide with the AsiaD: All Things Digital event there next week. Naturally, we’ll be in the house, but with not long to go before the potential date, we’d expect to hear something concrete soon.”

I certainly will not be there as I am a little guy in a world of huge bloggers. However, I sure can not wait for the new about it. When January comes and my contract is up, the two phones I am considering is the new Nexus Prime and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Do you have the new Samsung Galaxy S II? If so, leave a comment telling me your review on it.


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