empireI usually do not post my sources on how I do my stuff, as I like to keep my secrets to myself. But I just have to let all of you know about this hosting company. I go through them, so all of you who have hosting through me has hosting through them.

Their uptime is just AWESOME. There is not much to say about it, other then it never goes down. Except for maintenance once a year.

Whenever I have a problem with my server, usually caused by me, they answer the ticket within 5 minutes and usually will solve the problem for me, and explain what was wrong and how they fixed it.

I am pretty good with linux, and i usually do not have to do too much to these servers I get from them, but they are experts when it comes to linux. I use CENTOS, and they are fast in repairing any problem.

Because they are so awesome, I will post a link so you can visit their new website design. http://empire-hosting.net

I recommend though getting hosting through me 😛 because well. . . . I am hosted through them.


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