WordPress 3.2.1 has been released! Changelog for this is very short, however fixes an issue with JSON. This maintenance release fixes a server incompatibility related to JSON that’s unfortunately affected some of people, as well as a few other fixes in the new dashboard design and the Twenty Eleven theme.

With this update, I also updated my spam prevention policies on the website. I added a plugin called “Spam Free WordPress” which seems to be doing a good job. It also does not add a captcha to anyone. Not really sure how it works, but I will rate it after a few months of use.

I also am using another plugin called “Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin” which is for registration of new users. Truthfully, I do not even know if you can register at this blog, but that is irrelevant now that I have the Facebook plugin. You can just use Facebook to comment on any post on the website.

Lastly, I have deleted (or purged) posts that I feel are too private to share to the world. It seems that the internet has become populated with people who are mean, so I have left these out of my public blog. I do thank the people who said nice things in the posts!

Until next time, Live Long and Prosper!


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