I have been a HUGE fan of Joss Whedon ever since I saw Firefly, which to me was the best series ever created to this date. With that said, Joss Whedon directed and wrote the screenplay as well as the story for this film. We have the iconic Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr., Captain America played by Chris Evans, The Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo and Thor played by Chris Hemsworth. Oh wait, one other person, Black Widow played by beautiful Scarlett Johansson! Actually there are a ton more characters who played in this movie. These were by far the best characters in the movie.

When I heard that this movie was coming out, I thought to myself, I wanna see this. But when I heard Joss Whedon would Direct and write this, I had extremely HIGH hopes for this movie. Usually when I go into a movie with high hopes, I rarely meet that expectation. However with this movie, it went above and beyond what I expected. Not only did he capture the characters so well, but gave comedy along with story telling that is far beyond what normal people can do.

I can not say enough good thing about Joss Whedon. So let me get to the movie. Here is a trailer:

The trailer itself can not show how good the movie really is. The movie is vastly entertaining. The Action scenes are amazing and satisfying. Nobody is short changed when it comes to the fighting or action sequences. I felt as if there was not a single bad performance. Each respective character is true and honest to itself. Each of the characters brought their personality (from their respective movie) to the table. It is by far the best Marvel movie to date. I think as well as the best movie in its genre.

Overall, the best thing about these characters is that they are not silly twenty-something terrible actors who were chosen for on-screen eye candy, all though let’s face it, they are not ugly. They all do a fine job of bringing these characters to life and their chemistry together works awesome.

I give this movie a solid 10/10 stars. You definitely must see this movie in theaters!

So, did you get to watch The Avengers? How did you like it? What rating would you have given it?


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