Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen. Unable to tolerate the insult to her vanity, the evil queen decides that Snow White must die. The queen sends a huntsman to kill Snow White. However the huntsman finds himself unable to murder the innocent young woman, and instead ends up joining her quest in overthrowing the queen.

If you are a Kristen Stewart fan, than see this movie. She actually does a fair job acting. With that said, too many scenes are slow, I looked at my watch many times, and sometimes felt lost, until a scene came up to explain. Chris Hemsworth did an excellent job and Charlize Theron really stole the show. With all the good acting, the movie itself was not up to par.

Kristen Stewart fans, I give this movie a 8 out of 10, however, for the rest of us, this movie gets a 5 out of 10.


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