So, I have been messing around with some new blog technologies. I really want a super fast site. But I also want it to be easy for me to make posts. I started a couple projects to see how they work. One of which is Gatsby and the other Pagekit.


GatsbyJS is a SSG (Static Site Generator) that claims to be blazing fast, and uses React. It even allows you to import WordPress into it. It also allows for creating a static PWA (Progressive Web App). You can even use other CMSs to pull in data using GrapgQL. You can use markdown languages, along with APIs, plus you can install npm packages. So this seems to be pretty great!

I setup my project at Click the link to check it out. It runs really fast! I am actually very happy with it. The only thing I wish it had was if it used VueJS instead, but I think I will keep the project going, make some additions to it. Granted I am not really ready with Futura Worlds, but I can put it as a simple blog posting about what it may become later.

Somethings I do not like about GatsbyJS is it seems impossible to setup Disqus. I can not seem to get it working. Not sure if it is because of Disqus or because it is a static website, or invalid configuration based off of a react package.

Another thing I am not very fond of, is the lack of themes. This is not that great. Also the lack of blog features such as authors and so on seem to be lacking. It is fine if you are the only person posting.


I will make another post about Pagekit. I do not want to make these posts very long right now. Also, I am working on changing my URL structure for this site, which means dealing with redirects, Ugh, not fun!