New technology in cars to come out that will charge a car fully taking only 10 minutes. Now it doesn’t take 10 minutes to fill up a car with gas, but this would be really nice for battery powered vehicles. Here is Engadgets Report on this:

“Nissan has now announced that it’s working on new technology that would make EV charging… well, quicker. A lot quicker. Developed alongside researchers from Japan’s Kansai University, the manufacturer’s approach would allow drivers to fully charge their plug-ins in just ten minutes, without taking any toll on a lithium-ion battery’s storage or voltage. Nissan says it could achieve this by tinkering with a charger’s capacitor — more specifically, by replacing its carbon electrode with one based on a composite of tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide. Industry insiders, however, say this technology may not reach the commercial level for another ten years — substantially longer than ten minutes.”

I know this is not the best news in the word, as this won’t come out for another 10 years. But this will make the need for gasoline fuel less if more vehicles become battery powered. They need to make it convenient for the consumer, and this is just one step closer.


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