Vejida’s Leecher Checker is a program built for Ikariam using GreaseMonkey.

What does it do?
Simply, it checks to see if other users are leeching from your mills. It has 3 different methods to choose from. The default one is considered the most widely used method. It has 4 to 5 different color codes. the default color codes are as follows.

Light Red(Pinkish):[BAD LEECHER] Means they are under 90% of what is required.
Light Blue:[LEECHER] Means they are under 100% but more than 90% of what is required.
Light Orange:[OK] Means they are under 110% but over 100%
Light Green:[VERY GOOD] Means they are over 110% of what is required.

The 3 Methods/Rules that are used:

  • Breafuios Rule

    This rule is known as the Breafuios Rule found here.

    This rule simply uses a chart of all the levels of the saw mill and the lux mill. It depends on how many workers you have in the mill. It then uses a 15% of the cumalitive resources. Formula is percentage = (donated / amount_needed) * 100

    This rule when finding the level sawmill will actually make the chart of workers go up by 1.5 times.

    If you have more then 1 city it will count all.

    If you have any questions read the Breafuios forum first, if that doesn’t explain it, then read the forum here. Also check the Charts below. If you still need help, you can post on the forum.

  • Strict Breafuios Rule

    This Rule follows the same principles as above but will not modify the chart.

    Having “Helping Hands” will not penalize you!

  • LQ Method

    Town Hall level x (highest amount of workers on either node) x 6 on EACH mill

You may download it here. Download Leecher Checker (Must have GreaseMonkey Installed)

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