techadeWell, I decided to go ahead and post about my newest edition to my link section. Forum! This website is designed to help you, as a person seeking for help, in answering your complex computer related questions. It is also there to have fun and spam. We do not allow bad spam, of course. 😛 I urge you to take a look at the site, sign up, and ask as many questions as your heart desires. I will be glad to answer them, so as long I have an answer for your question. If you want to know the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, well that has already been answered.

I hope to sometime be able to have my websites support me, but in order for that to happen i need you, the reader, to help me in finding people to join the community. I know selfish, right? Well, it helps you too you know! I think, at least.

Well, I hope to keep you guys updated on the most latest things of technology and all sorts of other things. These articles don’t take me but a few seconds to come up with, and I kindof right it on the spot, which you probably can tell from the many mistakes in my writings.

Have a great day!