As the title and this picture suggests, this post is all about Star Trek. A couple days ago, when I was not sick, I went to see the movie. At first, I thought it was going to be a stupid parody of some sort of Star Trek. Boy was I wrong.

While I was typing up my review and looking for some screen shots for my blog here i ran across a review in which I had to quote. This is what Rick said:

“Over four decades the Star Trek story has had such a lifespan it’s taken the original crew from small to big screen, been handed to a completely new Enterprise crew in Star Trek – The Next Generation, been shown on board space stations and entirely new ships (Deep Space 9 and the underrated Voyager) and even been taken back in time before for the short-lived series Enterprise.”

“The impossible task, and the one no-one in their right mind would have taken upon themselves, was to recast the original crew, some of the most iconic characters in science-fiction and start from scratch. Insanity. Nonsense. Impossible. If there’s one sense you get from [Director J.J.] Abrams is that he thinks nothing is impossible. And thus, it came to pass that he was going to recast the crew, reboot the franchise and start again. There are a thousand ways to get “young Star Trek” wrong, and he’s gotten everything right.”

startrek2I agree with every word Rick said there. I personally think J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job with the movie. Because of it being a different timeline, a lot of the characters have changed just a little bit. And, because of that, A lot of the Star Trek fanboys do not like this. They do not believe this movie held up to the Star Trek franchise and believe it was only for the money. What movie or T.V. Series ISN’T in it for the money?

All in all, the movie was outstanding and I would recommend you in watching this movie. From the time of this writing the movie made $75,204,289 in the box office. Not as much as the new “X-Men” movie made last week, but it was still up there.

I will give this movie a 9 out of 10 stars, and would recommend this movie to almost anybody.

The reason for me not giving it the extra point was that it had too much violence. I can tolerate a lot of violence, but punching people to the point of blood coming out, is kindof graphic to me. Other then that, it would have been a perfect score movie.

This is my first review, and hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I will indeed have more reviews coming soon, so please keep coming back everyday for new and exciting stuff. If you have not seen the movie yet, I have attached the movie trailer below.

Wanna watch all the older Star Trek Series? You can watch them at Hulu, my favorite place for watching videos. Click here for a search of all Star Trek Shows

This is my opinion on this movie, and my review. I would like to know what YOU thought about this movie. Just leave me a comment. 🙂


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