stylus1000This is what my camera looks like. Take a good look at the picture. You know what, go ahead and print the picture out. OK, now I need you to go find it. Why? Because it’s missing!

I’m not sure where I last left it, but I really want my camera back. I sure hope nobody took it. It has some pictures from my last cruise that I want to upload to the site here. It has some really nice sunsets too.

Well, what are you still hanging around here for? Go and find it. Oh, you don’t know where to look either? I really can’t tell you as I have no clue either. I guess I have to start searching for it today. I will let you know when I get it back.

Thanks for coming by today, when I get my camera back I’ll post the sunsets for you to see, ok? Have a great day!


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