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“What if I got one million dollars?” First off I would hope I got the million dollars tax free, or after taxes. If I got it today, I would probably do a few things with it.

First I would trade in my car for a new car. I don’t need anything fancy, but one that runs well, and is good for service. I would then pay off all my debts, and buy off my parents house so they owned it. I would also buy both of my brother’s house, so they owned it. I would then buy myself a little 2/3 bedroom house with 1/2 bathrooms. So I can support a family.

I would then bank the rest of it to collect interest. I would probably only have 600k-800k to bank, depending on how much everything cost so far. I would of course keep pioneering, and keep a part time job. I would do my best to live off the interest.

I would give some of it to certain pioneers, but only in helping them further their work.

milliondollars2People probably would ALWAYS be asking me for money, which would get annoying, but I would have to say no to all of them. Not because I’m being selfish, but because if I do, I’ll end up supporting people I do not need to be supporting. Probably if I did end up with that much money, all girls would want to be with me, and I would be sick of it. Because they weren’t like that when I was poor. It would be really hard, but in order to find a wife, I would have to setup a series of tests in order for my girlfriend(if I end up with one) to go through to make sure they are not just after the money.

But hopefully I would try and keep it on the down low, that I had the money, so I wouldn’t have that problem, although knowing my mom and sister, everyone will know.

Anyway, that is what I was thinking for today. haha.

What is your answer to the “What If?” Question? What if YOU got one Million Dollars?