Ok, i have a bunch of idea’s I would like to get done, but i have like no time. So anyway, i bought this phone called the HTC PPC6800, look it up on yahoo if you dont know what it is. Well, this phone has a scheduler and everything a cool tech guy would need. But I find myself trying to learn how this thing works, like editing registry and deleting startups, and all that good stuff. So, now instead of saving time, and doing what i have been wanting to do, i am using the time i save to learn more about this phone. In the end, i still have no time.

So, i figured I was going to go ahead and post what I would like to get done, at least in the computer world of mine.

1. Build the 3D Futuraworlds.
2. Make Joshua Pack [DOT] Com into more of a information website(About new stuff and to teach)
3. Build HightekCafe.com
4. Build My Register Program(For my business)
5. Get techade.net Going.
6. Build the gaming part of Hightek Designs.

As you may see, this is all stuff I want to get done, but I do not see this happening, so I am going to do some changes with that. Instead of making JoshuaPack.Com more of a information site, im going to keep it as is. There I go, cleared up one issue.

Now, I am going to put all my ideas about the new joshuapack.com website into the techade.net website. Now I only have 5 things that i want to get done. Building the game part I guess can be incorporated into the build hightekcafe.com, so that means I now only have 4 main objectives, although I still have about the same amount of work.

Now, what I want from YOU, is to tell me what your good at. Are you good at programming? What kind of Programming languages do you know? Think you have time to help?

So I am awaiting an answer, until then, I will think of some stuff to post up, and enter it into my Joshuapack.com Tasks on my new awesome phone!!


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