japanSo, my brother and I was thinking about visiting Japan. We were also thinking about moving there. But, we took a look at prices, and immigration. It seems to be more of a hassle then it first looked to be. The cost for 1 person to just get a flight to Japan is around a thousand dollars. You can find some cheap airlines that will do it for nine hundred, but maybe that has something to do with the time you want to fly there.

The price was the first turn off. Because that would mean saving up all this money, for a week vacation, when I could be on a cruise to Alaska or Hawaii for the same price. Which to me would be a better trip since I get all the food I can eat!

So, too bad that is out of the question now, oh wait, I guess not totally out. If we some how ended up with lots of money, I’m sure we would do it.

Well, hope to talk to you later, c ya 🙂


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