I have not posted in awhile. Which is not good if you are a stalker. I had TONS of fun in NC with my brother and sister-in-law. We went to this Huge Mall, and we ate food. Food is very good……very very good. It was Chinese, but still, I was starving and it was good. I mainly just sat around doing nothing the whole time up their. It was like one lazy old time. A really cool suprise was up in NC when I went up their. My cousin Carli and her friend Erleen. We played Monopoly, which is the game I hate the most, but we still had fun. The whole weekend was great up in NC

Once back here in Florida we had a Hurricane come right by us down here in Florida! It was lots of fun to be off of school for the few days the hurricane was threatening us. I got to do a bunch of things like, go to Doovie’s house and play some card games, and other stuff their. My friend Mic from Maryland who LOVES the weather came down. He was having a field day with the hurricane. He even made a cool documentary of it all on video.

I also got a few e-mails from my best friends, which made me happy. I love it when people email me sometimes. Oh yea, and I just want to know. Do you think I should include names when I talk about people? I did it with this post, and I have avoided doing that in the past posts. So is it a yay….or nay…… In any case, I think I will start doing it. Unless you specifically tell me not too. OK I am off to edit my links, because I have new people to add.

EDIT: I fixed the comment. You can now comment. Stupid ME!


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