logo I have been working very hard on this program for many many months. I had an older version up, but now I have redesigned it, in order to make it better.

What is HD Web Manager?

HD Web Manager is a Website Management tool. It allows you to add content to your website without really having any knowledge of PHP or MySQL. You really do not need any knowledge of HTML. Of course having knowledge of PHP/HTML/MySQL will help you in making your website better. HDWM allows for users who do know the API to build new and exciting features for you!

Why would I need HDWM?

You may need this if you want the ease of handling a website. It is light weight and fast.
When will I be able to download?

Check our front page for news on when this exciting new software will be released.

Is HDWM Open Source?

No. It is not. We have decided to keep it closed course in order to help with security. We may later on release it under an open source license later on down the road. For now, it is not open source, and it IS copyrighted.


YES! It is free. We get paid by donations from you, for addons we develop, and Support.

Sign up, so you know right away when it will be released at http://hdwm.hightekcafe.com

P.S. I am currently at the District Convention, and I scheduled this post, so don’t think I missed my D.C. 😛