I guess I will keep my life on the internet. Only because of all your special people who commented on my post. But if you think about it, it is weird to talk about your life on a blog in which noone may see. But I guess I do have some people who read what I have to say.

I had something stress me out yesterday. I really do not even know why I over reacted to this thing, but I did. I just get defensive if people do stuff to my friends. Oh, I didn’t tell you what happened, did I? Well, I really do not want to bring it up, because the whole thing was really a joke, that I thought wasn’t really funny, but ended up being a person who did the joke that i thought never would do a thing like that. Now you are probably very confused, but let me just leave it at that.

I want to get a nice camera! Because I want to be able to take pictures and add them to my blog. The only thing I could add is videos. Videos take forever to make and I hate setting it up when I am not having a creative moment. But when I do have the time and those lovely moments, I love creating movies! I do create movies using the Sims 2 engine. You can view all my Sims 2 engine movies at the link provided here.

Watch my/vejidasim’s movies!

I loved creating each and every movie.

Oh I almost forgot, today, after school, I went to my car to drive home. I check my pocket for my keys, and guess what? They were not their. So, because I know my car is a piece of crap, I knew that I could just break in my car easily. So I walk up to my car, and I push the window down, as far as I can push it down.(My window is broken, so when it is all the way up, you can take it down to a point.) So now that I have a little space, I try and stick my hand inside to unlock the door. Well, my arm really couldn’t fit, but my hand could. Their was a tree next to me, so i pulled a branch off of it. I tried and I tried to unlock the door, but the branch was too weak. So a campus guard was driving around and I stopped him. And I was like, “Yo, I was wondering if you, by any chance, had a hanger?” and he was like, “why?” and I said,”I need to get into this here car.” OK, I really didn’t say that last part, but I told him I am a retard and locked my keys inside. I also told him that my car is a piece of crap, so it would be easy to get inside with something harder then a stick. So he got me a hanger! He had to leave though so he just threw the hanger at me, and said, “Wish I could help, but I’m off duty in…” *he looks at his watch* “in…….1 minute.” So He left, and I was stranded, in a college parking lot. I tried and tried again, but couldn’t get the door open. So I just give up, and take the hanger out and I look at my back door. It is open. Then I look at the front door, and it was opened too. I really do not know how all the doors became unlocked, because I am pretty sure it wasn’t like that before I came to the car or even before I gave up. In the long run, I got home ten minutes later then usual.

Oh, guess what else? …..no…..no… keep guessing……. oh, you don’t want to guess anymore. Fine then, I’ll just tell you. A while back, when my nieces came down here, I filmed my oldest niece. I never had the chance to post about it, because I’m a loser or something. Anyway…. below, is the link!

Sam’s Sweet Life

Well, isn’t that just cutest little girl you have ever seen? You better be nodding your head, or I will come out of your computer and…….and….do something bad to you………something………OK…….I don’t know what I will do, but you better just be nodding yes!

Well, I am at home, in the kitchen with my laptop and 120GB external hard drive eating cold steak that i found in the fridge, that my dad must have cooked while I was at school, and typing away to you. I have to stop typing and start studying for the book study tonight. So, thank you again for your comments, They make me feel special.


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