First off, I want to thank Laurel for writing a comment. I never really thought anyone reads my stuff. Thank you for reading my rants and crazy stuff.

Now to why Google is a SCAM! Today, I got BANNED from Google Adsense. Banned? Yea, that is what I was like. Why is my account being banned? It makes no sense at all. they should call Adsense, Nosense. I have NEVER clicked on an ad from my website. I have NEVER told anyone to click on any ads. I have them there to pay for bills. Sometimes a person may click on an ad, why? I dont know. I hate clicking on ads. That is why I use Ad Block Plus, to get rid of annoying ads. I also have search boxes that are supported by Google. I never use it, but I am sure other people do use it. Because I have seen that people are using through Google’s Adsense reports. I made $105 dollars since 7-1-06. They have now blocked all the money I made THROUGH them. I had these STUPID ads on all my websites.

Here is what is wrong with this picture. They say I did fraudulent clicks, which I didn’t do. So, what I want to know. Out of the thousands of dollars they got from advertisers through me, will they refund all of that money? NO, I bet not. If they say it is fraud, then give back all that money. If they want to keep all that money, at least pay me what I did do for them legally. I have requested to have my account back. If I do not get it back, or see the $105, I will file a report to the Feds. Because that would mean GOOGLE is the fraud here folks. They get people to put ads on these poor peoples websites, it takes that person over 14 months to make $100 for Google to send the money to them. When they are just about ready to get there money, BAM, your banned from Google for Fraudulent clicks. See a SCAM. The definition of a scam:

Dishonest Scheme: a scheme for making money by dishonest means.

As you can see here Google is the world’s largest scammer. Unless Google apologies and gives me MY money that I earned, by advertising on MY servers, I will no longer use Google. That is right, from now on I think MSN will be my search engine. I am now boycotting Google, until they give me what is mine.

If you are using Google Adsense, be aware of their dishonest schemes. They will use you for thousands of dollars. There so called motto “Don’t Be Evil” is a LIE. The only reason why they have that motto is for you to trust them.

(The writing above is all unedited and may have mistakes in grammar, spelling, and the like. The above can in no way be used in court or for any other use. It is simply an opinion in a heat of rage.)


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