I found out the reason why the firefox 2.0 crashed. At least for me. I am running Windows XP SP2 and I installed FireFox 2.0 hoping for some awesome new extensions, and upgrades. One upgrade that I do like, is the Javascript upgrade. It allows for more javascript from websites, and is now one of my favorite browsers. With FireFox 2.0 I also installed AdBlock Plus and a bunch of nice extensions. But I noticed that my Firefox browser crashed every 5-20 minutes. This bothered me, so I did some testing. I took off all my extensions except for the google tool bar, because i love google, and it still would crash. So I decided to take thatoff, and guess what happened? It stopped crashing. I now have all my extensions on except for google toolbar, and it has not crashed once. Believe or not. If you are using FF 2.0 and it crashes for you try this and you will be surprised. Go to ‘Tools’ and click on ‘Addons’. Click on ‘Extensions’ and find ‘Google toolbar for firefox’ and click on it and disable it. Then you must restart Firefox in order to take the affects. Incase you do not know, to restart firefox, close out all firefox browsers and reload firefox. You should not see the toolbar there any longer. It also will not crash on you any longer. so until they fix this, no more google toolbar for me.

If you do not have firefox 2.0 click on the firefox thingy, on the side of the page. 🙂

Of course when you install it just take off the google toolbar, until they find a fix for it.