Well, my nieces came down, and are still here living with me. It has been fun with them, but they want alot of attention! They want to go swimming everyday, and play video games all the time! I really do not have that much time, but because i love them, I have been!

I just got 2 jobs where i cleaned out viruses from people’s computers. I think i did mighty fine job doing so. One of the viruses was a nasty one which was caught by a virus protector by the name of rdriv.sys. This virus was very hard to get out, but i finally got rid of it, I hope! I also got a person to buy a website design from me. This will help go to all my stupid bills! I also found out that i do not have to pay for insurance this month because of my good grades in college. I got $110 off my insurance! This will help alot.

I just procrastinate so much on everything. People must hate me for it. It is a bad habit i have. I need to learn how to get something done, and not add anymore to my life. Everything i add to it, i procrastinate it. I am a big procrastinater.

I went over to my friend’s house today and had lots of fun. He probubly thinks I am a jerk though, because I was kindof lost in thoughts going through my head. When that happens, it is like i am not even their. So everytime he asked a question or something, I was not really paying attention, even though i was listening. I dont know anymore. I am such a confused person. I need to go to sleep.


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